About Our Company...
The history behind the name and where it all began

Founded and created by Earl Evans, the shop is built on legendary performance and profound history. The shop continues to build and create high-performance. Evans Speed Shop continues to push and set the bar for high-performance racing engines and machines built for one thing - pure performance. Read More »

Who We Are...
We bring innovation and performance to your high-performance engine or machine

Evans Speed Shop is currently run and operated by Jaime "Jimmy" Gonzalez. The current staff of Evans includes several expert technicians and machinists. Read More »

Our Mission...
Why we are the best at what we do

Evans Speed Shop has a history of excellence and we strive to perform and achieve the highest performance out of any engine or motor. We take pride in our work and our machinig that we perform for our top-notch clients. Read More »

Our Legendary History...
The legends behind the name and the shop

Earl Evans:
Earl Evans not only made manifolds, intakes, and other equipment, he ran a string of very successful lakes/Bonneville cars. Earl Evans and Barney Navarro started offering their heads and intakes that they had proven at the dry lakes and race tracks, and their businesses took off. In essence, the
Flathead V8 is where it all started for both Hot Rodding and Stock Car Racing. Read More »

Al Teague:
Al Teague has been in Land Speed and Drag racing for over 33 years. In the late 50s he started drag racing with his older brother Harvey. They bought their first car, a roadster, in 1958 and ran a GMC 6-cylinder on weekends at various drag strips around Los Angeles. They upgraded their power plant to an injected Chevy V8 and changed to a “slingshot dragster” and successfully ran races in the 8 second range, about 170-175 mph. They then put the Chevy into their roadster and set a record in D/Altered Roadster at 150 mph turning a 13.2 second 114 mile run. Al took a job at Evans Speed Equipment, in South El Monte, CA working for his good friend Gene Ohly as a machinist. He did this work for 14 years until he became a Millwright in 1978. Read More »

Gene Ohly:
Previously owned by Gene Ohly, Evans Speed Shop is recognized as the finest machine shop doing engine work in the Western U.S. Gene Ohly operated Evans Equipment for years. He started working for Evans in 1952.

Al Ayala's 1953 Ford
Sectioned 1953 Ford F-100 Pickup built and owned by Al Ayala.

The car is currently owned by Gene Ohly. Read More »

Company History
The History of Evans Speed Equipment

The history of Evans Speed Equipment as featured in the The Rodder's Journal #46

The Rodder's Journal,
Published for the Custom Car and Hot Rod Enthusiast
Read More »

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Meet The Evans Speed Shop Crew
Introducing the people behind the current shop and their great work


Jaime Gonzalez
Owner / Operator
Expert Machinist


Gene Ohly
Owner / Operator / Consultant
Expert Machinist


Ron Homstad
Operator / Machinist
Expert Machinist