Block Service

Block Prep

-Bake & Shot Peen
-Chemical Derust (Non-Corrosive)
-Hot Tank
-Pressure Check
-Sonic Test Cylinder Thickness


Block Machining

-Align Boring
-Align Honing
-4-Bolt Conversions
-Roller Cam Bearings

-Block Surfacing
Squaring To Bores & Mains

-Bore & Hone with Torque Plate

-Lifter Bushings - BHJ Tooling



Block Repairs
(See Specialty Service & Repair For Details)

-Crack Repairs

-Spun Bearing Repair
Main Housings & Cam Housings

-Cylinder Bore Repairs
-Ironite Ceramic Sealer
-Lifter Bore Repair


Featured Lines
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